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Yoga for Senior Citizens | Exercise for Older People :

As we enter the autumn of our lives, we have a lot time to unwind and reflect on the days gone by and lives we’ve led. Unfortunately, this is also a time to contend with the body’s wear and tear process and deal with conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes. At such a time what we really need is a fitness regime that will ensure we’re still young at heart. You may want to give yoga a shot.

Yoga for Older People :

Yoga is the perfect fitness solution for older people. This therapeutic fitness program has been practiced around the world for centuries with the best of results. Yoga incorporates a series of gentle exercises, breathing patterns and meditative practice that will leave you looking as young as you feel!

Yoga is a very flexible fitness regime. It can be adapted to best suit your needs. For a fitness conscious 25 year old, yoga can be the fast paced athletic work out he or she needs, and at the same time as an exercise for older people, yoga can be a gentle, rejuvenating program. If certain postures prove to be challenging, they can easily be altered to suit your condition and comfort level without compromising on the end result. In addition yoga doesn’t just treat your body; it also strengthens you mentally and emotionally.

Yoga for senior citizens ensures that the body is fit and functioning in balance. Yoga involves a series of stretches and bends that put your muscles to work, making them strong and active again. Along with maintaining fitness, even the most basic exercises for senior citizens resets imbalances like high blood pressure. Yoga boosts blood circulation, immunity, respiratory systems and the nervous system. It also strengthens the heart and improves stamina. Furthermore yoga is especially beneficial in counter chronic pain brought on by conditions like arthritis.

Yoga puts a lot of emphasis on breathing techniques. Most of us only utilize a fraction of our lung capacities. Yoga helps you re-learn how to breathe fully. The increased content of oxygen and nutrients flowing into the body make an immediate impact, boosting overall functioning of the body and mind.

Yoga’s meditative practices also prove to be a very useful exercise for senior citizens. Meditation teaches you how to calm and centre the mind. It is an effective technique to beat stress, anxiety and depression that one may fall prey to at this age. Instead meditation instills confidence and positivity. It enables you to take on life with a new vigor.

One of the basic requirements of yoga is that you respect your body, appreciate it and understand its limitations. Don’t push yourself into postures your body isn’t ready for. By doing so you’ll simply injure yourself. If you feel any pain or discomfort, be sure to bring it to the trainer’s attention; the posture will then be altered to suit your condition. Also be sure to join a certified yoga for senior citizens class. It is very important to have a licensed trainer; one who can ensure that you get the most out of your routine


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